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UCL Student podcasts: NewCL and JewCL

Oct 4, 2017

In this final episode of the JewCL podcast, Cathy, Manya, Sarai and Laura talk about how they did the research, how they worked as a team and what they all learned from it all.


In the JewCL podcast, three Jewish students and their teacher chat about their research project into Jewish life at UCL, what they discovered, how they discovered it and what they think about it all.

This show is presented by Cathy Elliott, Manya Eversley, Laura Katan and Sarai Keestra. It is produced and edited by Sarai Keestra, Laura Katan and Manya Eversley.

We are grateful to the Arena Centre for Research-Based Education and Liberating the Curriculum at UCL, especially Teresa McConlogue and Mira Vogel, for giving us the idea and a small grant to do the research.

The podcast would not have been possible without the help of Dave Pickering. You should listen to his podcasts, The Family Tree (co-produced with Jen Adamthwaite) and Getting Better Acquainted.

Thanks also to the Department of Political Science for letting Cathy spend time on the project.

Music by Jonny Line. Artwork by Sam Henning.