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UCL Student podcasts: NewCL and JewCL

Mar 5, 2019

Have you noticed that male authors outnumber female authors on your reading lists? Do you find it problematic and discouraging?

We investigated these issues –- and more -- in a project supported by the UCL ChangeMakers and made a podcast to share our findings with you. You will learn about female academics’ significant impact on young women's aspirations to pursue postgraduate study or a career in academia. We also discuss the burdens of being women in academia, the culture of insecurity and self-doubt among women academics and students, alongside possible solutions for making academia more diverse.

We hope that our findings are heard by many students and academics and that universities across the UK apply them to their academic environments. Let's begin by building a community of like-minded individuals at UCL to support positive change and make our university a truly inclusive space for all students and academics!
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Tsovinar Kuiumchian -
Imogen Resnick -

Come to the Feminising Academia panel discussion on the 14th of March to explore these issues further. You will have a chance to go in-depth into our topic with four brilliant women academics and ask questions about intersectionality in academia, the history of feminism at UCL, and navigating male-dominated disciplines as a woman. Follow the link for the details:

Podcast was hosted by Dave Pickering. 
Listen to his podcast on mansplaining masculinity: Standuptragedy – Sut-presents-what-about-the-men-mansplaining-maculinity

Music by Bradley Hutchings. Find him on Instagram: @bradley_hutchings